Refugees – A Godly Play Inspired Story

Love is Stronger than Fear
by Mora MacDonald
DSC_6240Mora is an elementary School Counselor and  Godly Play Canada Storyteller at Sackville United Church, Sackville New Brunswick. She wrote this story when her church decided to sponsor a Refugee family to help children understand who a refugee is and consider how God might want us to live with refugees.

Script is written. Movements are in brackets.

Watch where I go to get this story so you will know where to go to find it. (Talk lower, but clear enough so the children can hear you as you find the pieces you need around the room.) I need that last card of creation, the Holy Family card from our Christmas story, a candle, some people of God, the 10 best ways heart. Hmmm… anything else?? Of course, the desert box. And I brought some things I had at home in this basket.

I wonder if you have ever felt scared, lost or not safe? (Let the children say what they have experienced. If they don’t say anything offer some of your own. For example, For me, sometimes when I am trying to sleep in a different place away from home and every thing seems strange or uncomfortable.) We all have felt this way sometime. I wonder what helps you feel better? What gives you refuge? (Present the last day of creation card). Perhaps it is being close to your mom or dad. Maybe it is petting your pet. Being in your bedroom or walking in the trees. Singing may help or talking to God. I don’t know what makes you feel safe. Only you know that.

But we have stories that we heard in this circle about Abraham and Sarah. (Move two people through the sand). Remember how they left everything. They travelled through the desert to the Promised Land Here they found a safe place, a refuge. They learned that although the place was strange, God was here too. (leave people in sand box)

(Take more People of God move them through the sand). We know that the people of God followed the smoke and fire through a place without food or water to Mount Sinai. Here Moses came so close to God and God came so close to him that Moses wrote down the 10 best ways to live, given to him by God. (Do the “so close to God movement used in other stories). He shared the 10 best ways with the people and they gave them to us. (Present heart with the 10 best ways. Leave people in the sand)

(Present Holy Family card). We remember how Jesus’ parents, Mary, and Joseph walked a long way to Bethlehem. Here they could find no place to sleep, except a barn with animals. It was here Jesus was born. God is with us. (Lay the card in the sand)

Many of us have ancestors who left homes and families in another country far away, for a new land that promised them a new life of freedom and peace. If it were not for the courage and kindness of the First Peoples who were here first, many of them would not have had homes or food during their first years in this new place. (Present and touch the feather as you say this. Then lay in sand). And God was here too.

Today there are many people leaving their homes and treasures in other parts of the world, searching for a safe place, a refuge. We remember them. We offer flowers to protect them. (Lay flowers in sand.) We light candles to remember those who died and those who still struggle to find what they search for. (Light/turn on dollar store candle and lay it in sand). We can send our breath full of love and light with prayers anytime that they may find it. Remember the breath prayer we learned last week: Breathe in: “Love is stronger;” Breathe out: “than fear.”

Sometimes the world can seem like a dark and dangerous place. We may worry about ourselves and the people and places we love. I wonder what we can do when we feel this way. How can we show our light? (Again present the last day of creation card. Wait and let them answer; listen carefully to their answers. Make suggestions only if they don’t say any… We can ask someone to play with us who needs a friend. We can smile often. We can share: our things, our time, our money. We can give someone a hug. We can say thank you. We can talk to an older person. We can stand beside people when they are hurting. We can plant seeds. We can speak up when we see people being treated unfairly. We can make cookies to raise money to bring some people to a safe place.) Only you know what will show your light.

I have seen many of you sharing your light and love when you do kind things for other people. Light helps when it is dark. God asks us, especially now when it is dark and dangerous, to let our love and light shine.

I wonder……
What part of the story do you like best?
Is there any part of the story we could leave out and still have all the story we need?
What part of the story are you in or is just for you?
When have you seen others show their light to others? When have you showed your light?What showing your light feels like?


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