Godly Play Maritimes

A Day Away for a Mardi-Gras of Moments

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If you are Clergy …
If you are a Godly Play Practitioner…
If you are Curious… 

Join us for a day of Freedom for the Soul
Play for the Mind
and a Feast for the Body as we anticipate Lent.

Saturday February 4, 2017 from 10am – 3pm
at the Maritime Conference Centre
21 Wright St., Sackville NB

(Storm date February 11, 2017)

Lunch included. Imagine a Mardi Gras Feast!              

Cost: $25

Supported by Godly Play Maritimes and the
Maritime Conference Christian Life and Growth Committee.

Ministry Personnel …

  • Remember a moment when you were so present to Presence that the constraints and conditions of time disappeared and you were not only refreshed but replenished?
  • Remember an instant in which the word suddenly broke open not just to you but in you?
  • Remember an occasion so replete with wonder that your self-perception changed?
  • Remember how vital and necessary those are, yet how few and far between?
  • Godly Play Maritimes invites you to take a moment… find an instance… make it an occasion.

 Storytellers & Doorpersons …

“Know that God’s love wraps and enfolds you, embraces you and guides you, and brings you comfort”.  (Julian of Norwich)

  • Step over a threshold into a time of wonder for Godly Play leaders.
  • Embrace your delight in the practice of Godly Play, in the community of children.
  • Explore and affirm what shapes and sustains your Godly Play practice.
  • There is a space just for you in this circle of Storytellers and Doorpersons. 

The Curious …

  • Come away a while to enjoy a mid-winter day of festivity and cheer.
  • Join a circle and hear a story just for you.
  • Soon it will be time for the colour purple. Ready your heart.
  • Explore ways Godly Play can help you and young families step over the threshold to a meaningful Lent.

Do you have questions? Contact our Registrar. Here is her EMAIL.

Ready to Register? Fill in the form.
We welcome your $25 registration upon arrival. We order and pay for meals based on your intent to come. We need 48 hours notice to cancel your lunch. 


Author: Janice MacLean

More Than Friends Project Coordinator

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