Update from the Godly Play Foundation

An Update from the Godly Play Foundation:

We have begun a comprehensive review of the materials to address concerns about the lack of diversity and implicit bias in our materials. To begin with we have made some small changes to the story of Creation and to some of the images and materials used in the Parables. The changes we made include:

* A blank 7th day of Creation Card (instead of the white one that is part of the original version).

* Multi-colored birds for the Parable of the Mustard Seed.

* Multi-colored birds for the Parable of the Sower

* A Good Shepherd and Ordinary Shepherd who have the same skin tone.

* A Good Samaritan dressed in a brown robe.

* Deep blue rocks instead of black rocks to represent the dark and dangerous places in both the Parable of the Good Shepherd & the Good Samaritan.

Godly Play Resources has streamlined being able to update your rooms by offering them all together!

Here is the Link to purchase wooden materials

Here is the Link for DIY materials

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