Godly Play Maritimes

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Meet the Godly Play Maritimes Coordinating Circle

Shawn Redden

Shawn Redden, Acting Coordinator
Godly Play Canada Trainer.  Shawn is minister at Visions United Church, Moncton, NB. Email Shawn.



Fay Ellis

Fay Cameron, Registrar/Treasurer
Fay lives in Moncton, NB and is really organized!
Email Fay





Anne PirieAnne lives in Sackville, NB and is Godly Play Canada Trainer
Email Anne


Cathy with children

Cathy Laskey, 
Godly Play Canada Trainer
Executive Assistant to the Bishop of Fredericton
Anglican Diocese of Fredericton.  Email Cathy



Nigel Weaver,
Godly Play Canada Trainer and recently retired to take up reading and writing. Email Nigel.




Janice MacLean
Godly Play Canada Trainer
Creator & Host of the Prayer Bench Ministry.  Email Janice



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