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Core Training

PrintGodly Play Core Training for Storytellers & Doorpersons

2018 Core Training at First Baptist Church on Sept. 21, 22 and October 27th. 
There are a lot of things you can learn from a book or a lecture, but Godly Play is best learned from the inside out.

At Godly Play Core Training participants
·      experience and learn about the different kinds of Godly Play stories;
·      tell a story by heart and receive supportive feedback;
·      learn the fundamentals of setting up your own Godly Play space and program.

Training includes three modules, each with a key plenary session and stories from one of the Godly Play genres:

Module A: Friday  – Sacred Stories & Creating Sacred Environments
Module B: Saturday – Parables & the Spirituality of the Child
Module C: Sunday – Liturgical Action Stories & the Community of Children

Module Training: How does it work?

Modules may be attended in any order, over time and location.
For example, choose the dates to suit your schedule.

Option 1: Three consecutive days
Option 2: Three one day training
Option 3: “Mix-and-match”

Participants may build credit toward Core Training certification.
Certificate of Accreditation is awarded upon completion of all three required modules.
All required modules must be completed within two years of commencement of training.

You are expected to read Teaching Godly Play: How to Mentor the Spiritual Development of Children by Jerome Berryman before attending training.  The Kindle edition is now available.


Registration Fee: $350 includes Lunch and Refreshment breaks.
Your registration is only guaranteed upon receipt of payment.

Please Note: Minimum of 12 paid participants required for training sessions.

Godly Play Maritimes reserves the right to cancel a Training Module if there are insufficient participants, and refund paid registration fees.

Refunds & Cancellations: 

Less than three weeks: Refunds cannot be given for partial or non-attendance.  However, paid registration can be used for a substitute to attend the training.

More than three weeks:  With notice to Godly Play Maritimes 21 + days before the start of training, the registration fee will be refunded less $50 cancellation fee.

Need more information? Contact our Acting Registrar – Janice MacLean.  Email Registrar

Ready to Register?  Fill out this form and begin the Registration process. Our Registrar will contact you shortly.

2 thoughts on “Core Training

  1. Hi Linda, I’m sorry you can’t come to the May training! You can check the Godly Play Canada website to see if there are training in Ont. http://www.godlyplay.ca or check with Amy Crawford at the National Church. Janice


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